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The Truth About R.E. Loans

You Need A Loan Officer Who Takes Control Of The Process

There is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes within the mortgage business.   In an effort to maximize profit, lenders attempt to control their operational expenses by assigning their employees a heavy loan volume.  This too often results in less time to communicate with their customers, more opportunity for details to be overlooked, and ultimately in the  worst of all scenarios, some loans not closing on time or not at all.   

The truth be told, many loan underwriting environments unintentionally force their loan officers to develop a perspective quite different from their buyers.   They may forget that this loan is for a real person who is making an enormous investment in their future well-being and security.   This is not just a mortgage transaction.   There is a better way to obtain a loan.

Let me share with you a better way of obtaining a home or commercial loan:
  •  Although I have access to a large number of lenders and programs, I choose to work with only a few select lenders who are willing to provide me with the highest level of access and personal involvement in your loan processing.   Your loan closing depends on me being actively involved in this process.  
  • The lenders I utilize know that I am expecting priority attention for my client’s loans.   I do not submit loans and then wait helplessly for the lender’s staff to complete their work when they get around to it.  This is not acceptable to me or my clients.  
  • I ensure that your loan closes on time by carefully hand selecting and managing my own loan processing staff.   Unlike an institutional lender, I am not required to use “in house” processors.  If a processor do not meet my expectations and deadlines, I simply give the next loan to another qualified processor.    

As you can tell by now, all loan officers are not the same.  If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you with your home or commercial loan, call me at 949-300-6772. 

You Need A Loan Officer Who Keeps You Well Informed

Communication is another area of preeminent importance to you.  The best customer experience is created when the communication between the loan officer and client is consistent, immediate, truthful, direct, and responsive. 

Although lenders would lead you to believe that most home loans can be a simple and painless process, this is rarely the case.  Even in the best lending environment, purchasing or refinancing a home feels like a crisis situation.   The 30 day closing requirement alone creates a flurry of activity.  Therefore, all parties need to be available to exchange information outside the “normal” business hours of institutional lenders.  

In order to minimize the inevitable anxiety that typically arises, I not only stay in constant communication with you via phone, email, and text., but I also provide a level of service almost unheard of in the mortgage industry today.  I meet face to face with my clients.  

My first face to face meeting is usually to go over the initial loan disclosures and to outline for you the next steps in the loan process.   Another important face to face meeting is done when you sign your loan documents.   I am one of the few loan officers who still accompany their clients to the meeting with the escrow officer and Realtor to sign loan documents.  

If you are looking for this degree of commitment and service to your loan closing, call me at 949-300-6772.

You Need A Loan Officer Who Has A Proven Record Of Closing On Time 

Nothing else really matters more than having your loan close on time.   Whether you are obtaining a loan for your dream home or a loan for an investment property, today’s marketplace is still very challenging.  My years of experience in the banking, real estate, and mortgage business has equipped me to skillfully and quickly navigate and guide you through the loan closing process. 

Although over the last few years we have seen more government oversight of loan originators, it is still wise to select a loan officer with a verifiable track record.    Within the real estate agent and broker community, I have a reputation as a “loan rescuer” helping many families close difficult loans that others considered impossible.    

If you need to talk about the status of your current loan or if you are dissatisfied with the progress of your new loan, give me call at 949-300-6772.

HighTechLending, Inc., NMLS #7147  - Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under A California Residential Mortgage Lending Act #4130937. NMLS #7147. Licensed in AZ #0912577, CA #4130937, CO #7147, FL #7147, HI #7147, IL #MD-6761112, MD #21762, NC #L-165611, NJ #7147,NM #7147, NV #4517, GA #5300 OR #ML4386, PA #4982, SC #7147, TX #7147, UT #8874117, VA #MC-5962, WA #7147. 2030 Main Street, Suite #350, Irvine, CA 92614. NMLS Consumer 


Un Mensaje A Mis Amigos Hispanicos

Bienvenido a mi pagina web.   Aunque nuestras familias han inmigrado a Estados Unidos de diferentes países, todos tenemos una cosa en común, hablamos el idioma español.   Sin embargo, compartimos mucho más en común que sólo un idioma.   Compartimos valores importantes.   Estamos orgullosos de los valores que nos han transmitido nuestras familias.   Uno de los valores que apreciamos más es la importancia que damos a la familia y a los amistades.   Nuestras comunidades son bien conocidas y respetados por su atención y participación en la vida de los demás.   

Como profesional de préstamos de bienes raíces en Los Estados Unidos en un hogar de habla español puedo ofrecer los servicios de formas de trabajar con mis clientes.  Muchas veces, mis clientes quieren citas a la breviedad, pero hay otras veces cuando mis clientes prefieren que visite sus hogares para reunirme con sus familias.   A través de los años, he disfrutado sentarme con mis amigos nuevos y clientes a explicarles cómo funciona el proceso de préstamos. 

Si estás interesado en trabajar con una persona de préstamos de bienes raíces que entiende que existe una variedad de formas para comprar una casa, entonces llamame@ 949-300-6772 o envía un correo electrónico a

 HighTechLending, Inc., NMLS #7147   - Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under A California Residential Mortgage Lending Act #4130937. NMLS #7147. Licensed in AZ #0912577, CA #4130937, CO #7147, FL #7147, HI #7147, IL #MD-6761112, MD #21762, NC #L-165611, NJ #7147,NM #7147, NV #4517, GA #5300 OR #ML4386, PA #4982, SC #7147, TX #7147, UT #8874117, VA #MC-5962, WA #7147. 2030 Main Street, Suite #350, Irvine, CA 92614. NMLS Consumer

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