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Edie Ramos-Moore
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About Edie Ramos-Moore

A Note To Realtors y Un Mensaje A Mis Amigos Hispanicos: 


My family legally immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico over 50 years ago.  I am fluent in Spanish and love working with Spanish-speaking clients.   Therefore, working with sellers or buyers who prefer to speak in Spanish is now EASY for you.  I am available to assist you throughout the process.  As a Southern California real estate professional, it behooves you to have a Spanish-speaking loan officer on your team for several reasons.   According to NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals):

  • People of Hispanic origin are the nation’s largest ethnic minority group.  
  • By 2050, Hispanics are projected to constitute 24 percent of the nation’s total population.  
  • Hispanic homeownership is expected to increase 27 percent with a net increase of 5.1 million homeowners by 2020.
  • 60 percent of all new homebuyers over the next 20 years are expected to be minorities; Hispanics will make up   40 percent of those buyers

In recent years, the relative inaccessibility of reliable mortgage information to the Hispanic community has made them a primary target for predatory loans and the loan modification scams that followed.  Consequently, it is vital that your loan officer not only speaks Spanish, but also understands the unique needs of your Spanish-speaking clients and their preferred style of doing business.   Once again, it boils down to the question, will your loan officer take the extra time and care to provide your clients with the information they need to feel comfortable with the loan process?   Call me @ 949-300-6772 so that we can get started working together today.

Amigos Hispanicos

Bienvenido a mi pagina web.   Aunque nuestras familias han inmigrado a Estados Unidos de diferentes países, todos tenemos una cosa en común, hablamos el idioma español.   Sin embargo, compartimos mucho más en común que sólo un idioma.   Compartimos valores importantes.   Estamos orgullosos de los valores que nos han transmitido nuestras familias.   Uno de los valores que apreciamos más es la importancia que damos a la familia y a los amistades.   Nuestras comunidades son bien conocidas y respetados por su atención y participación en la vida de los demás.   

Como profesional de préstamos de bienes raíces en Los Estados Unidos en un hogar de habla español puedo ofrecer los servicios de formas de trabajar con mis clientes.  Muchas veces, mis clientes quieren citas a la breviedad, pero hay otras veces cuando mis clientes prefieren que visite sus hogares para reunirme con sus familias.   A través de los años, he disfrutado sentarme con mis amigos nuevos y clientes a explicarles cómo funciona el proceso de préstamos.  Si estás interesado en trabajar con una persona de préstamos de bienes raíces que entiende que existe una variedad de formas para comprar una casa, entonces llamame@ 949-300-6772 o envía un correo electrónico a

Rob Hanson, Keller Williams-Larchmont, Los Angeles

I'm a Realtor and have been working with Edie Moore for about 4 years now.  We've done over 100 transactions together with a 100% close rate. Many of these loans were very difficult with difficult properties and Edie stuck with them through the storms and managed to pull them all together.  She's very personable and knowledgeable.  My clients love her and use her again and again.  She's easily the best Loan Agent I've worked with in 25 years in the real estate business.  If you've somehow found Edie, you're very lucky indeed.

Chuck Beck, Agent at Evergreen Realty and Associates

Edie is a true professional in every sense of the word. She is honest, trust worthy and goes the distance every time to make the client happy and get the deal completed in the best possible way.

Cathy & Mike, Fullerton

What sets Edie apart is that she sincerely looks after the best interest of her clients.  This quality I believe is more important than anything else!  We are blessed to have Edie as our mortgage professional.  She is the best and we highly recommend Edie's  team!!!